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Mo Phillips-Spotts


Mo is a graduate of Williams College and the Second City Training Center’s Music Improv Conservatory. She has performed all over Chicago in original musicals, sketch and improv shows. In...

Jonald Reyes


Jonald Jude Reyes is a writer, performer, and director from Chicago, by way of Rutgers University in New Jersey. He is the Director for The Second City’s Touring Company. Jonald...

French Improv Games Camp (ages 10-17)


Think “sur tes pieds” – be spontaneous and a team player! Campers play fun improv games to help access creativity, boost self-confidence and develop spontaneity and playfulness – in French!...

Advanced Improv Games Camp (ages 14-17)


Advanced Improv is an exciting week of learning how to create full scenes with a beginning, middle, and end based on a single suggestion. Participants will learn the 5 point...

Empower-Prov Camp


The focus of this camp is empowerment. The participants will learn to take their confidence from the backline to centre stage. The curriculum will reinforce the belief that “you are enough.”...

Teen Stand-Up Camp


Learn the fundamentals of stand-up comedy! Focus on a different joke format with students working individually, in pairs, and larger groups to develop writing and performance techniques. This class is...

Teens with Anxiety Improv Camp


This innovative camp uses ensemble-based improv to help people with social anxiety to overcome fear and avoidance associated with school, work, and family life. In a safe and nurturing environment, participants will be introduced...

What’s With That Wall of Handprints in Piper’s Alley?


What does Chuck Norris have to do with The Second City?

Jesse Swanson


Jesse is an east coast native. Originally from the New York area, he has produced, directed, designed and stage managed shows all over the country and the world. After moving...

Anthony LeBlanc


Anthony LeBlanc is from Beaumont, TX. He performed with Boxaganga while obtaining a Computer Science and Physics BS at Loyola University New Orleans. He Directed The Second City e.t.c.’s Soul...