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RewireU is the professional development program at The Second City Training Center.

RewireU Overview

The RewireU program empowers employees through improvisation techniques cultivated over 50 years of entertaining a wide range of audiences. We know people!

Participants of the RewireU program will learn new tactics for handling conflict, sharing opinions, championing projects, overcoming change and collaborating. Students will also participate in the Behind the Bentwood tour. This exclusive, all-access look at The Second City space and process will be led by one of our own Second Citizens and will include a tour, special food and drink exclusives in 1959, and tickets to a Second City show.

RewireU is for companies that want to empower their high-potential employees in rethinking how they work to advance their career.

Our Approach

The ability to thrive amid change requires 4 things:

  • The ability to recognize where you are in any given moment

  • The flexibility to choose a new path

  • A willingness to collaborate on a solution

  • The freedom to take a risk…and to learn from failure

Great tenets for doing business, right? But these just happen to also be the very same skills we employ in our arena. Improvisation is an art form developed from a need to enhance collaboration, empathy and innovation.  We didn’t seek out this connection–the findings found us, to say the least. To be honest, we’re kicking ourselves that we didn’t see it sooner.

We use our award-winning improvisation, comedy and audience-driven techniques to bring these principles to life for every type of business and every type of unique workplace challenge in a low-risk, high-energy experience. How do we achieve all this? With two little words that can change everything: Yes, and.

Who Should Attend

The best people suited for this are people who are either new to leadership or people who companies are identifying as high potential leaders. This program is built around awareness. Attendees are asking themselves, “How do I lead myself through the workplace”, “how can I be more empathetic, inclusive and aware of others?”, “How am I when I go to work, how are other people, and how can we blend all of our personalities, styles, thought processes into a really cohesive unit that works together with respect and moves forward towards accomplishing great things?”

The Core - The fundamental course for Second City's Learning Lab

  • Ensemble - Collaborating with others to help everyone look good

    Ensemble builds on the idea that we are better together. By working as a unit to accomplish a common goal, teams can have a greater impact on business success.

    Learn how to:

    • Celebrate diversity and inclusion

    • Find balance between your needs and those of the team

    • Understand when to take the lead and when to release control

    • Show gratitude for information and ideas through empathy and awareness

  • Authenticity - Bringing your unique voice to the workplace

    This course will help you strip away the facades we often use in business dealings and accentuate your true voice.

    Learn how to:

    • Overcome self judgement

    • Align action and intention

    • Empathize with diverse perspectives

  • Resilience - Adapting to a changing work environment

    The improv philosophy of resilience will help you pivot with agility, bounce back quickly from disappointment, and maintain a bold and confident presence in the face of uncertainty.

    Learn how to:

    • Be responsive when put on the spot

    • Project confidence in the face of change

    • Support ideas that are not your own

    • Drop preconceived notions of what something is “supposed to be”

  • Innovation - Embrace change and confidently seek new ideas

    The fourth class in the program focuses on opening your mind to new ideas. You’ll learn how to embrace the new and a let go of the old.

    Learn how to:

    • Refine your point-of-view with inspiration from unlikely places

    • Rewire your brain to discover new ideas

    • Encourage and celebrate small contributions from your team

  • Practice - Put your new skills to use, often.

    Practice is the last application in the program. This course will provide exercises and scenarios that are closer to situations you’ll encounter in the workplace.

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